It was bright start of the day last Sunday when I was out and about fishing.
The air was so calm and crisp that this only cloud in the distance looked suspicious.
It turned out the be the plume from the cooling tower of the so called AKW Emsland,
a nuclear powerplant located 24 miles northeast of my hometown as the crow flies.

With the sudden deluge at the upper stretch of my river and the consequently muddy
water I choose to fish the major feeder stream for chub.
It was the right choice as the muddy water had reached the lower reaches of my stream
while the feeder was crystal clear.
There was not a lot of action going on at the feeder but some fish where rising in the shallow
water. The first fish of the day was a nice dace that took the sedge I fished.
The dace had a very dark color probably an adaption to the environment of the feeder stream.

Off course getting a few fish from the shallow water was ringing the alarm bell for the remaining fish
so action died down eventually.
I spotted the larger fish once again and could even drop a fly in front of them due to the slightly
higher water but they did not even take a look.

I visited the upstream section of my stream in order to be near to my lunch site and was surprised
that the stream had cleared up again.
I could not get any fish though, a few tiny roach, dace and gudgeon was all I got.
Meanwhile in the adjacent mill pool the rainbows where clearly visible moving around.
The spot was off limits but I have to say I was tempted to fish there.
What kept me from fishing there was the fact that it could not be done unseen and they would have
probably booted me from the fishing club instantly.

I enjoyed my lunch break in the pub and for a change I ordered the special of the day, in this case
a plate of spaghetti Bolognese … it was good but the plate was a little small … maybe they should
off it in XXL size next time.
I left the personnel at the pub dazed and confused because of the different menu and tried my
luck for an hour or so at the headwaters.

I could not coax many fish out of the shallow pools although I had a first when a roach tried to
impersonate a trout by actually jumping out of the water.
The real deal, trout that is where nowhere to be found.
In a few weeks I will get a chance to fish the mill pool for some stockies and after that I hope to
get some snook, jacks and spotted seatrout if the hurricane season permits it.