With the miserable weather the last couple of weeks fishing the stream seemed not to make
much sense.
This weekend was again miserable weather wise with  temps in the 40 F range and off course rain … cold rain.
As it poured this morning I pondered wether to tie flies and enjoy the wood burning stove or take
a chance and get outside for a fishing outing.
The fishing outing eventually won and so I went out late in the morning during a break from the continuous showers.

At the stream I noticed that I had severely miscalculated the amount of precipitation from the last week as the stream
was very high and dirty – visibility very poor.

Poor visibility and cold temperatures are a bad mix for catching fish especially the shiners that would
be the main target for me.
I tried to find calm water but both nymph and streamer yielded no response from any fish.

Things where looking gloomy and I dreaded being skunked on this day so I had to come up with a
plan to save the day.
There was one spot in the river which I was absolutely sure that fish would be present thus off I went.
The water at my hotspot was high and dirty but still a little clarity was present which I deemed enough to catch fish.
I tied on a pink/black pheasant nymph and fished it deep in the calmer water.
After several drifts I got a good hit and to my surprise I hooked a brown trout.
The day was saved ….  further drifts yielded another strike this time from a shiner but that fish came off.

Even though it was in the afternoon the light was already dim and with the threatening clouds in the background I called it a day early.
Mission was accomplished and there was now no reason left to go directly to the pub to warm up in front of the fire and get some good grub.