The dilemma of the early season .... either cold and dry or warm and wet.
Both situations not exactly ideal to go after roach, dace and the like.
Currently the weather pattern was warm and wet, the stream never got near to a decent
fishable level.

The long term forecast was in the cold and dry department so I choose this day with
a balmy 12 degrees C as my fishing day for the weekend.
Since it had been dry for a longer time I had hoped the stream would be fishable but 
the level just would not drop towards a more fisherman friendly level.

With so much water pushing through the stream it was hard to find a spot that was 
fishable and would likely hold any fish.
I again tried the current seam of a deeper pool but the nymph did not track well 
with the current picking the nymph up after a short drift.
All the effort was finally rewarded with one dace, only after I had tied on a heavy dropper
to get to the fish holding depth.

The second spot in the forest looked good but again to much turbulence in the
water for a decent drift and so no hits on the fly.
With the big storm from a week ago many trees where downed and on a windy
day such as this I took care not to be in harm’s way as trees could still be
unstable and come down.

The last and final spot for the day was messed up because a big branch had fallen right in the deeper pool
where I wanted to fish.
As the branch likely provided cover for fish and a narrow seam of the current was relatively calm I tried
anyway and was rewarded with fish number 2 of the day, a small brown trout.
I tried one pool upstream but even there the current was blasting through the otherwise calm section of
water. Normally you would find dace and roach here and maybe a stray brown trout.
The dace and roach did not show up but surprisingly at the end of several drifts the indicator went down
and I was into a brown trout.

I was happy with the three fish I had caught today as the last outings where single fish ones.
All that fishing made me thirsty so it was off to the pub for some cold ones and a good meal.