It was cold at night so my fishing trip started at midday when the temperatures 
where finally above freezing.
Still it was not warm as snow and ice patches still persisted on the fields.
I had no high hopes of catching anything but when I saw the water I thought
clarity and level might be good enough for a fish or two.

Two fish it was, both roach caught on an orange bead pheasant tail weighted down
with another ptn to combat the current and attain some depth to reach the fish.
Hot spot one yielded fish, hotspot nr, 2 seemed void of life until I got a good pull
from a trout but alas the barbless hook came out so I could not see how big the fish

With the sun already low in the sky and the temperatures near freezing again I choose
to install myself in the local pub for some beers and good food,, it was a nice day.