Just like winter had a hold on spring the flu had a hold on me.
Both issues where withholding me from going out fishing.
Yesterday there the first time in weeks I went out and about again as
the temperatures rose to a balmy 51°F / 11°C.

Spring is usually a time for tree trimming and boy at one of my hotspots
they cleared away everything … no cover left for the fish and consequently
no fish about anymore.
In general spring waters are barren anyway, once the algae bloom starts
things will pick up but now the water is clear, cold and more or less lifeless.

At one of the sheltered spots where I always catch fish I struggled.
A few weeks earlier at almost freezing  temperatures I spotted moving
fish with even active carp but now the place seemed dead.
Tried very hard with single and multiple nymphs and in the end got a small
dace as rewards for my efforts.

I inspected several spots at the stream, the clear water did not reveal any
feeding or moving fish.
The last major storm had downed a lot of trees in the water and although
they are welcome as cover for fish it also meant many spots where
unfishable for the moment.
Another hotspot had now two trees in it so again no fishing.

Just one fish for a days work was not enough so I could not go for my usual
pub break before getting another fish.
My favorite method for catching fish in the stream was nymphing but that
obviously did not work on this day.
The last resort was using a streamer and I had selected one stretch of the
stream that had a longer deep pool lined with tree roots.

As wading was officially outlawed on this stretch I tried to position myself
at the opposite bank for a good drift but my boots where just a tad too short
to make it and so I had to return to the bank with more or less wet feet.
The water was cold … very cold.
My solution to the problem was to find a spot between the trees at the pool
I wanted to fish.
I fed out the line and let the current take the streamer to the end of the pool.
Once the fly had swung to the end of the pool I retrieved the streamer up current
and just as I expected a trout grabbed it … I earned my pub time.

After the lunch break I tried several other spots but no life whatsoever to
be seen. Guess it is still very early season and the weather needs to significantly
warm up before things start happening.
At least the first flowers start popping up and some insects are about, can get
only better from now on.