A cold start of the day, when the fog lifted it was barely 1 degrees C.
I fished the lower end of the river but found only clear water.
At one spot I noticed a school of Bream (Abramis brama) so despite the
cold there was life in the water afteral.

I tossed a streamer at a lot of spots but no perch or stray pike to be found.
As all haunts seem void of fish I called in plan B and hoped for fish in
the major feeder stream of my second syndicate.

The sun had come out in the mean time and it actually felt a bit comfortable
My hope was that the flat shallow part of the feeder stream would warm up
and coax the chub in the open water.
At first I did not spot any fish but then I spotted a single large shape in the
shallows and made a cast towards it.
The fish initially moved off but at the second cast I determined it was a big chub
as it tried to inhale the sight indicator.
The strike putty did not taste that well but the fish then turned and took the
nymph, pretty unbelievable but the size 16 barbless hook stuck and I could
land the fish.

Next I tried a hot spot on the main river in the afternoon and found the dace at the
end of the pool in numbers.
Very cautious bites but at least I got three of them.