As my time of leisure is coming to an end as my new job starts soon I had to make
the most of the spare free time that is still left to me.

As it had rained cat and dogs last night I was anxious about the state of the stream
as I had seen a sharp rise in the level at one of the online gages.
A strong wind was blowing, the temperature was low and at times showers rained
down on the land.
The stream looked ok though with only a slight murkiness to the water.

The nymph was the weapon of choice but just as during the last weeks it did not yield
many fish.
A small trout was the first fish of the day followed by a dace and small roach.
I was wondering what happened to the legal size trout that I had encountered in the
past at my hot spots.
I soon found out as one was racing behind a dragging nymph.
I mended the line to slow the drift and would you believe it the trout actually took the fly.
The rod was in a nice bend … the trout jumped and voila the hook came out.
Since that trout was so eager I figured I would have another go at it with a streamer.
The streamer did coax the trout out for an attack and again it jumped … and threw the hook.
A third go in a row seemed to me a little far fetched so I decided to take a brake first for
a drink and something to eat.

When I was finally done with my break the sun had broken through the clouds and insects
where flying in masses of my spot.
Surface action was minimal with one small fish constantly rising.
I served a sedge to the rising fish but all I got was one take which I expertly missed.
During all this action I did however noticed a disturbance in the water that must have been
a trout and most likely it was the same I had hooked twice … must be a stockie was my thought.
So it was back to the nymph, a PTN with a black tungsten bead and a pink spectraflash hotspot.
After a few small roach something solid took the fly and as predicted it was the trout.
This time there was no escape and eventually I landed the fish, the tail of that trout was a telltale sign.
Nevertheless it was nice to once again have a fish at the end of the line that put a good bend in the rod.