And yes … another day spent fishing … to put it in the words of my friends … they can’t take that away from you.
The day started bright and sunny … the stream surprisingly clear and lower than the day before.
The fish … dormant … did not spot any at my hotspot and had to revert to dirty tactics to get something going.
The tactic consisted of tossing a streamer through the water … that streamer tailed a nymph.
It worked just as planned as a small trout raced after the streamer and then took the nymph.
Bigger fish where absent or not willing to show themselves.
Further upstream at a “no fishing” section I spotted an army of dace in the surface but they
where not moving at all.
Tried other spots but nothing going on.

As the fishing was slow I had planned an early pub session but before that I tried the spot where
I got the stockie yesterday.
This time the nymph coaxed another brown trout out of its lie and as it pulled hard and ran all over the
place I was not sure it would stay connected, luckily for me it did.

That brown trout was a day saver so I could happily enjoy a meal in the pub.
In the mean time one of my buddies was en route to the stream and we met up at the pub.
His plans were to visit a downstream section of the stream, I on the other hand would move further

After my break I checked out the upstream sections and noticed a lot of surface activity … the kind
of racket that trout make.
I tied on a sedge and made some clumsy casts under a tree but in the end it worked, brown trout.
Apparently the stockists had put out a batch of trout as I caught a few of them at places that where
void of life before, just a pity that all the fish where small.
I informed my buddy about the status of the upstream section and met up with him later at the water.
With the low and clear water sneaking up on the trout was difficult so I am not sure how effective our efforts were.  
Fish remained small and as my buddy was on a tight schedule he left early.

I tried one other spot for half an hour hoping the setting sun would trigger some activity of the fish but I came
no further that one bite from a small dace.

I ended my fishing day half an hour before sunset when the temperature was already notably lower.
Two fishing days left ….