Today the weather service warned of severe thunderstorms at the end of the day as a cold front
and warm air would meet in the general area I was fishing.
To get my timing right I skipped some of the downstream spots and headed straight for the place
where I had done well on the previous days.
And again the fish turned up, but I have to say they looked rather familiar …

After my lunch I decided it might be wise to check up on some old spots  I had not been to for some time.
It was a jungle out there and some of those deadfalls where leaning pretty awkward against other
trees … big trees …
Fish where rising but in the jungle getting in a right position to toss a fly under a tree is difficult.
The banks were steep and with only boots there was not a lot of wading you could do.
Dries where out of the question but drifting a streamer down a pool did yield a small brown trout.
It is always interesting to see how a river can change in time when downed trees create new pools
while old ones fill in with sand.
Spotted plenty of rising fish but could not get a decent cast out to most of them.

When I left the water light rain set in, only at home I noticed rumbling in the sky and now the lightshow is on and sometimes it rains.
One more day left for bumming around at the stream so I hope the rains will not be to bad on
the stream … it will be cooler though.