As my time of leisure ended I went out for a final time to the stream.
In the night before a front of thunderclouds and rain had passed and made way for
a low pressure system with lots of wind and showers.

At the place formerly known as my hotspot I did not see any fish, somehow it seemed
that all fish had disappeared.
Only after a long time I finally got a hit and caught a roach on the ptn.
I tried other spots both with nymphs and streamers but nothing showed up.

After the pub break I tried hard to catch fish but it was tough going.
The temperature was six degrees lower than the day before, rain showers fell and
the wind dumped a lot of debris from the trees in the water.
There were some breaks in the clouds and when the sun came out thousands of
insects would hover over the water … no rising fish though.
In the end I scraped a few small roach and dace from the stream with as highlight
a brown trout that was hiding behind some submerged branches.

Tomorrow it is the start of my new job and as it is a totally different role than
the work I did the last 17 years it is kind of a gamble.
The landlord of the pub said “if it doesn’t work out I see you Wednesday” …
I hope not :-)