A bright sunny warm day ... very nice to be outside.
The water table was low, tons of small flies on the water but not a lot of surface action.
At my former hot spot I managed one roach and wondered now that the water was low where

the heck all the fish had gone.
Fished the end of the pool last and noticed a big swirl in the water of a hunting fish.

I had seen that fish before and thought it was a big brown trout ... at least for this stream.
It took a few drifts with the nymph but then it hammered the nymph and as I was fishing with
very light tippet I feared it would all end it tears.
The massive fish went ballistic but whatever it tried the barbless hook stayed put and in the\
end I could land the fish ... chuffed.

Fished the stagnant higher channel of the mill next as I spotted tons of fish in the surface.
Carp, roach, European bream, Yellow perch and even a small Northern pike where present.
My flies and presentation though ... no good.

After my pub break I scouted some spots in the forest and caught a few more fish amongst
them a very nice rainbow trout.
Lots of insects about and I spotted one of those big mayflies ... first time this year.