Another hot day and as those hordes of fish in the stagnant water above the mill haunted
me I tried for them this morning again.
Unlike yesterday the fish were not stacked up on top as the day before ... it took a while
before I spotted them.

The fish where not cooperative ... whatever fly I used it was in vain.
Carp where spawning and making a lot of racket, they ploughed through the schools
of shiner scattering the fish in every direction.
Further upstream some dace where moving in the surface and were willing to take a 

The heat and humidity were unbareble so I headed for some sheltered spots in the
forest but even there nothing was biting.
A break at the pub seemed like a good idea.

The afternoon session was cut short after the skies darkened and an eerie wind
started to pick up.
A weather warning was issued for areas to the south predicting thunderstorms and
hail ... I did not wait for that to happen and left early.