Before the world ended as we knew it I headed out to the harbor to check
on the perch.
Actually the break from the freezing temperatures of recent times was the
main driving force.

IMG 0821

The water was clear, very clear.
I could count several bikes that where partially covered by the silt, off course the other urban
garbage like shopping carts could also be found.
The clarity of the water was to such an extent that the fish where clearly visible.
Some huge perch where following my streamer but they would only follow.

IMG 0818
IMG 0819

The sheltered water at the end of the canal canal boasted lots of small roach so I expected to
run into some more predators there.
The perch where present and clearly visible but also very lethargic.
A pikeperch was slowly moving over the bottom completely ignoring my offerings.
I caught two perch in the end and then called it a day as the skies opened.