Today my friends and I tried to catch a seatrout (searun browns) at a coastal lake that is part in
a pilot project to reintroduce migratory fish to the northern part of the Netherlands.
We where hoping to run into one of the searun browns or at least get a flounder or an ide (shiner)
but the weather was against us.
It was cold, the wind had stirred up the sediment of the lake causing the visibility to drop to zero.
While wading we could not see an inch into the water and as the area was unknown to us with the 
exception of some sketchy info it was tricky to move around.
We could not spot any fish with the exception of the ones caught by the crested grebes, 
obviously better fishermen than us.

The lake used to be an estuary but was now used as a discharge point for freshwater into the sea.
The sluices in the dam discharged freshwater at low tide and stayed open for a short while at high tide to let in migratory fish
that had been waiting at the seaside.
Fish species would be searun browns, stickle backs, smelt, flounder and a host of other fish. 

Maybe we where a tad too optimistic to expect fish but I was glad we went there to check the place out.
Hopefully we can return there again when the conditions are more favourable.
Location was the Lauwersmeer, before 1969 known as the Lauwersea.