With all the low water at the home stream I decided today to head in the
opposite direction aka west to try my luck on the big water.
I opted to go to the Ijssel river or as the Romans called it "Isala".
Big, wide, strong current and so on, a whole other dimension than what I
am normally used.
My timing was a bit off meaning late as it was a beautiful day and the spot
I picked was a favorite for the towns folk to bathe and let their dogs run around.

I was not sure to start with nymphs or lures so I tried nymphs first but that
quickly changed when I saw the water explode at the first breakwater.
Without a doubt Asp where hunting and it was a pretty obvious that they
were out to make short work of the baitfish.
Several attacks followed but my lure went untouched, must have been to
slow with my retrieve I guess.
Action died down quickly and the Asps where gone.
I fished several breakwaters and got one strike but no fish stuck.

As the beachgoers came in droves I decided to head back home but first
took a few pics of my old office which was right on the river.
I also checked the old city moat with its exceptionally clear water but could not
see any fish (had hoped for Rudd) so that was a bust also.

To avoid skunk I visited a local canal and tossed the sinking line and a small lure
in the drink only to see a micro perch attack the lure that was bigger than the fish.
Hope faded but by more luck than skill I hooked a nice perch at the end of the
stretch I intended to fish.
I even got a little one as bonus so the day was saved.
I might go after the Asp later in the season maybe when it is no beachgoing
weather, early morning and evening should be the best time according to the