As the Asps where still milling in my head I had to go back to the big river.
A little search on the internet revealed some information that should have
been helpful  to improve my chances.

One of the things written was be early on the water and so I was at the big
river somewhere around 5.30 ish.
Off course no people, no shipping traffic and thus clear water.
What I noticed where fish in the surface … small stuff … and maybe the
bigger ones would follow.
It stayed quiet however although I spotted two big swirls between the groins …
be it during several hours.

My first fish contact came at the inside of a groin and behold I actually hooked
a fish … ok not exactly the target species and of debatable size but heck … a fish.
And that was it … could not get anything after that anymore.
In the meantime the guy with the spinning rod was hauling in an Asp, guess
they were not surface feeding.

Somehow I did not think the fishing would get better as rains started to pour.
Maybe it was time to check out the overflow area.
I tossed the Clouser of my Asp setup (6-weight rod, floating line)  at the end of
the overflow area and started to retrieve.
Suddenly … bang … fish on, but not the Asp, Ide or Perch I had hoped for but
a darn pike.
Off course fishing without the trace meant it all ended in a disaster … gone baby gone.

Now forewarned I got out the trace and continued to fish the overflow area.
Now and then I would see the fry jump out of the water so that was a good sign.
The water was clouded but I could still spot several bream moving in the surface.
Halfway to the railway bridge something very odd happened … my fly was gone and
the trace was frayed … river monsters ?  who knows …

It was not going well, so on to plan B – the full sinking line.
The sinking line had not the desired effect … I parked too many streamers on the river
floor.  In the meantime the rains had made the rocks on the groins slippery as hell because
the clay mud had been lubricated in a dangerous manner.
I called it a day and after staring down some cows that where blocking the exit gate I
went home … bugger.