Despite a major hurricane and a cancelled flight by Delta I made it to
Naples.  I postponed cancellation of my trip as my hotel reported they 
where back in business after the hurricane.

This morning I got up before sunrise and was on the beach when it was still dark,
only lighting from the thunderclouds further south lit 
up the sky now and then.

It seemed the fronts offshore showed inland movement so I headed north and noticed
quite a few fish in the shallow surf, presumably snook.
When the sun came up the first fish I got was a ladyfish.
Further along the beach I had some Snook that where interested in the fly and
eventually hooked my first snook of the season.

It was tough getting the fish to eat and some parts of the beach where void of
snook. I noticed a large fish racing along the shallow surf and it turned out not
be a snook but a 3ft. tarpon ... the small white shrimp fly I was fishing did not
do the trick ... the fish just rocketed along the shoreline.

I had hopes for the beach at the pass but despite the many glass minnows
no game where on them.  There where a few occasions where fish where
breaking but usually out of reach and short lasting.

On the way back around noon I ran into some small jacks and got one fish,
The beach was now more crowded but there where still snook about.

Most snook where small but I spotted two monsters among them, again not
interested in a shrimp fly.
The heat was killing me so I left for the cool comfort of the hotel in the middle
of the day.

From what I can see during my first day of stay here the situation seems to be
almost back to normal allthough lots of trees have been damaged and the road
sides in the neighborhood I walked through this morning had a lot of tree/gardenwaste
deposited at the street for removal. Also noticed a lot of roofers at work.
My hotel is fully booked ... mostly with people working in the recovery effort.

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