I was planning to fish the northern beach today but I had to give the southern section another try at high
tide. When I came on the beach and found the Gulf looking like a milky soup I was not a happy bunny.
I had expected clear or at least clearer water, besides that a nasty swell was kicking up waves on the beach.
At one of the pilings I made some exploratory casts and hooked a few small ladyfish,

On the way to the inlet I could not spot a single snook ... no visibility.
When I hopped inside the pass the tide was already outgoing and tannic clearer water pushed towards
the Gulf.  There where a lot of baitfish present and yes ... snook where visible too.
I lost the first fish but the second one stayed on plus I was just fast enough to intercept a school of
marauding jacks ... be it small ones.

The second snook came from the front of the inlet, by this time I had changed my shrimp fly out for
a small white clouser minnow.
The boating traffic increased and with that the nasty waves inside the pass so I decided to head out
to the beach again.

The water was now tannic but at least some visibility was present.
I got a small snapper from one of the submerged jetties and lot a few flies because I could not
see the position of the larger boulders further out.
I got another fish at the jetty and surprisingly it turned out to be a Snook.

The swell in front of the beach was too much for me so I sought out some quieter spots behind
one of the seawalls put there for beach protection.
Slowly retrieving the clouser yielded several more snook plus surprisingly some puppy redfish.
One of the redfish was larger and put up a good struggle.
When I talked to bait fishermen on the point yesterday they already told me that they where doing
good with the redfish.
The most surprising catch from the beach was the mojarra, never got one of those on the fly until now,
As it was again a very hot day and looming thunderclouds in the interior made me over-think my stay
on the beach I decided to call it quits.

I did see one large snook on the beach but with the waves kicking I could not present the fly in a
decent matter.  When I waded further out I noticed that the snook where not running in front of the
beach but along the second sandbar. I did not pursue the snook anymore as I found conditions to
be unfavorable for sight fishing.
Never thought that this day would actually produce the best fishing since my arrival.

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